TMB-VerySlow (TMBVS)

TMB-VerySlow (TMBVS) is a colorless, ready to use TMB substrate to generate a soluble, deep blue color product under the enzymatic reaction with hydrogen peroxide by HRP.

Aqueous TMB Substrate

TMB-VerySlow (TMBVS) contains no organic solvent. It's 100% water based, environmental friendly TMB substrate which expose no safety issues with the substrate user.

Difference between TMB-VerySlowSlow and TMB-Slow

TMB-VerySlow react even slower (see the attached fig.) than TMB-Slow in the blue color development under HRP enzymatic reaction to offer the user who run a test requiring very slow kinetics.


Reading at 650nm to track the highest OD in the microwell to reach around 1.2 to 1.5, the user then add stop solution to the plate to read at 450nm. The signal read at 450 nm after stopping the reaction with Stop Solution , is 2.5 folds stronger than the one read at 650 nm, which allows user to increase the sensitivity of the assay.

Recommended stop solution is 0.15 M sulphuric acid or 0.3 N of Hydrochloric acid.

Stability and Storage

TMB-UltraFast has a shelf life of minimum of 48 months when stored at 4°C.

Large Packaging Service

TMB-UltraFast can be ordered at large custom volume from 5 liters to 100 liters or more. For details on this service, please Send Us Contact.