TMB-Membrane (TMBME)

TMB-Membrane (TMBME) is a colorless, ready to use TMB substrate which generates deep blue color precipitation on the location where the HRP was attached. TMB-Membrane (TMBME) can be used in the applications of membrane based western blot, dot blots and line assays, tissue based immunohistochemistry, and molecular biology based in situ hybridization.

TMB-Membrane (TMBME) contains no organic solvent. It's 100% water based, environmental friendly TMB substrate which expose no safety issues with the substrate user.


TMB-Membrane (TMBME) produces intense staining pattern which is visible in less than a minute with very low or no backgrounds. The dark blue precipitation is intensified continuously during the time of HRP enzymatic reaction. User can stop the reaction anytime by simply rincing with water. The dark blue precipitation doesn't fade whether it's wet or dry.

Stability and Storage

TMB-Membrane has a shelf life of minimum of 48 months when stored at 4°C.

Large Packaging Service

TMB-Membrane (TMBME) can be ordered at large custom volume, For details on this service, please Send Us Contact.